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Dedicated EV design
Good interior space
Use of recycled materials
Low center of gravity

2014 BMW i3 front view 03 Photo 2/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive


Fast charging options
Standard navigation
Aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber construction


Smartphone app to control functions
LED lights
10.2"""" display
20GB storage

2014 BMW i3 interior 04 Photo 3/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive

Our futuristic 2014 BMW i3 is sharing the road with a garbage dumpster. The dumpster was blown here by a vicious crosswind, while the i3 arrived courtesy of its all-electric drivetrain. Silent and stable, it was unflustered by gusts despite being 62"""" tall.

The famous blue-and-white roundel has come to symbolize speed and handling, but BMW has said, without apology, that the i3 will create a calmer driving experience.

So as the suburban debris became a new obstacle to negotiate, all was serene inside the i3's spacious cabin.
2014 BMW i3 rear hatch 05 Photo 4/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive

The i3 was conceived as an electric car, so the motors and batteries weren't forced into an existing frame. Instead it's a clean-sheet design, more appropriate to accommodate the specific needs of an EV.

Its existence owes a great deal to BMW's experience with the experimental Mini E and Active E. In fact, the latter's drivetrain provided the basis for the i3.

Weight is a prime concern when it comes to conserving energy. And BMW's solution was radical: An aluminum lower tub, reinforced with magnesium struts to house the motor, lithium-ion battery pack and suspension components. It's topped off with a shell made from recycled carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) that encapsulates people, pets and paraphernalia.

And the high-tech construction means the vehicle doesn't need a conventional B-pillar. The CFRP structure is stiff enough to support the vehicle in a collision but means the rear """"suicide doors"""" are hinged at the C-pillar.
2014 BMW i3 edrive badge 11 Photo 5/17 | 2014 BMW I3 Edrive Badge 11

As a result, entry to the vehicle is easy, although the front doors must open for the rears to operate, which could be a pain. However, head-, leg- and shoulder room is good in all four seats, making it feel spacious inside.

The EV promotes sustainability from the way it's constructed (in a wind-powered Leipzig factory), to the materials used. It also has a drag coefficient of 0.29 - which is about the same as an Audi A4.

The i3 incorporates a tight turning circle of 32.4' for city driving, an elevated driving position as well as superb all-round visibility.

And the i3 is definitely a city car. Its range is about 85 miles (without the optional range extender), and charging using 115-volt domestic sockets takes more than five hours. Of course, there's a 220-volt fast-charger available to reduce the time to three hours.

2014 BMW i3 rear end view in motion 14
2014 BMW i3 rear view 15
2014 BMW i3 eDrive rear drivers side view 12

With all its weight at the bottom, the low center of gravity creates stability in a car that only weighs 2635 lb. And it exhibits handling talent that negates its narrow track and skinny 155/70 R19 front tires. Interestingly, BMW's chief designer explained that his department requested the larger diameter wheels to give a feeling of quality and sportiness, rather than it being purely an engineering solution.

That said, there's a pleasingly direct feel to the steering and body roll is largely controlled. The ride quality never gets harsh but understeer is the inevitable result of hitting the throttle (or should that be the voltage regulator?) hard. However, the usual suite of driving aids kick in before things get out of hand.
2014 BMW i3 steering wheel 07 Photo 9/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive

The 125-kilowatt electric motor is located below the trunk, driving the rear wheels with 170hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. And one of the great joys of electric motoring is that peak torque is accessible from a standstill, so the i3 can zip through city traffic, overtake on open roads and hum along the highway with ease, reaching a top speed of 93mph. But that's only part of the story...

Welcome to the world of one-pedal driving: It takes familiarization, but moving forward and slowing down can be achieved by modulation of the accelerator pedal alone. It's the result of using an electric motor with regenerative braking, which BMW has carefully calibrated. So instead of lifting the right foot to get to the brake pedal, the rate of travel corresponds to the accelerator's position.

Naturally, there are times when the brakes are needed, and with discs all round they have none of that weirdness exhibited by some regenerative systems, but in most situations the left pedal is redundant.
2014 BMW i3 shifter 06 Photo 10/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive

It's worth noting that if you do come off the accelerator quickly but don't hit the anchors, the brake lights will still illuminate, telling drivers behind you're slowing sharply.

In common with all BMWs, the iDrive control has various functions such as air conditioning, audio, phone and nav. It also shares the driving mode button that allows the driver to scroll between Comfort, Eco Pro and Eco Pro Plus modes.

As you'd expect, maximum range is accessed in Eco Pro Plus, since it reduces certain functions, like heating, to keep as much battery power directed to the wheels as possible.

The biggest problem for new EV owners is range anxiety, where drivers are concerned about having enough power to reach their destination. So BMW has included an optional range extender in the price list. It's actually a flat-twin, 650cc BMW motorcycle engine that also squeezes under the trunk floor and costs an additional $3950, with its fuel tank holding 2.4 gallons.
2014 BMW i3 smartphone app 08 Photo 11/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive

The engine is claimed to double the i3's range, but BMW seemed oddly reluctant to sell it. In fact, we were told that if a customer requests one, they'll be invited to sample the regular version for a while, in an effort to calm his range anxiety.

According to BMW's research, most people's regular journeys are within the range of an EV for 80% of the time. And for the remaining 20%, the company is looking at a program where i3 owners can use a regular BMW for a number of days per year for longer trips.

As an added bonus, the i3 has its own SIM card, to communicate with the owner's smartphone and monitor charging time, range, etc. And via BMW's ConnectedDrive it can also contact BMW's nerve center that includes roadside assistance.

Trim levels and pricing will be announced nearer the i3's launch in Spring 2014, so keep an eye on for further details.
2014 BMW i3 center console 09 Photo 12/17 | 2014 BMW i3 - First Drive


Federal and state credits
Solar power scheme for zero-emissions
Sustainable materials
Civilized drive


Needs good charging infrastructure
Can't exceed 100-miles on battery power alone
Not a thrilling drive

2014 BMW i3 eDrive rear drivers side 13
2014 BMW i3 driver side view 17
2014 BMW i3 rear passengers side view 16

Tech Spec

2014 BMW i3

Layout rear-engine, RWD

Engine 125kW electric motor

Drivetrain 18.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack, integrated differential gear, automatic single-speed transmission with fixed ratio

Brakes TBC

Suspension MacPherson struts f, five-link r

Wheels & Tires 19x5"""" wheels f&r; 155/70 R19 f, 175/65 r run-flat tires
2014 BMW i3 badge 10 Photo 16/17 | 2014 BMW I3 Badge 10


Max power 170hp at 4750rpm

Max torque 184 lb-ft at 100-4750rpm

0-62mph 7.2sec

Top Speed 93mph

Weight 2635 lb

Economy TBC

MSRP $46275 (inc D&D)


If you're anything like us, you almost certainly don't possess the greatest luck. We've never won the lottery, not actually had a number of numbers surface. We've not won an automobile in a TV game show or been the winner in the Publishers Clearing House. And David Smit from Scottsdale, AZ was just like the rest of us, or at a minimum he was until winning Bilstein's Just Add Sweepstakes where he walked away with a fully modified BMW 335i!

The Sweepstakes gave entrants the opportunity to vote for that car they'd like to win. With a Ford Mustang GT and F150 among the three possible options, we didn't see the BMW winning.

Once In A Lifetim 2011 BMW 335i HRE P40SC wheel 01 Photo 2/12

If the BMW was chosen, for our part, we'd been asked to aid in the build and would again be working with GSR Autosport to finish it. Although with the two Fords having a strong following, we were confident we would sit this one out on the sidelines.

The Bilstein Just Add entrants were far more discerning than we'd given them credit, since it happens. They eschewed the domestic iron in favor of Bavaria's finest, so that we had to scramble to find certain parts pronto. With only a few weeks before SEMA 2013, if the car will be presented to David, there was no time to lose.

Fortunately, part of the selection process was done for us, with Sweepstakes contestants also being invited to decide on the suspension, wheels and graphicsat every corner, the 335i also has Brembo brakes, HRE wheels, Falken tires and some M3 suspension parts

You might choose between different set-ups, even though obviously, the suspension was easy, with Bilstein being the sole supplier. Unsurprisingly, the vote visited Bilstein's advanced B16 IRC system with Ridecontrol. Here is the German company's most advanced product, allowing the motorist to select different handling characteristics on their iPhone, preset them onto in-car change and buttons them on the fly. With everybody having an opportunity to win the automobile, the entrants were specifying the best possible equipment...

Similarly, there seemed to be a choice of HRE wheels, with attractive 19 P40SC rims being selected. And finally, there have been three possible graphics packages, with the vote going to the most conservative option, which we had to agree was the very best of the bunch.

The Build

GSR Autosport would build the 2011 BMW 335i at its facility in Lake Forest, CA. We'd previously worked together about the eBay Challenge, creating a rally-themed Porsche 911 for a charity auction at SEMA 2012. So, we knew they could work under pressure but were surprised they'd volunteer to place themselves under so much stress again.

After the way the eBay Challenge went, we didn't think the BMW would win, therefore we had a shock when we discovered there was only two weeks to construct the car, explained Michael Essa from GSR.

Here's the stock 2011 335i before GSR Autosport got its hands on it

Fortunately, the voters had done an effective job picking the right parts. They selected the very best wheels, most subtle graphics and the most sophisticated suspension, but we still had to assemble a package we'd be pleased with and David Smit would enjoy driving, continued GSR co-owner, Nick Richards.

The vehicle in question had been a 2011 E92 335i bought from rust-free Bakersfield, CA. As well as the time if the car was bought, it had an automatic transmission because nobody knew who the eventual winner would be and in case they could make use of a clutch, because of the nature in the sweepstakes. GSR didn't want to go crazy in that department anyway, although that placed a restriction on subsequent engine mods.

We wanted to build a civilized track car, Michael told us. That would be competitive on the track, although Something that would be comfortable and reliable enough for daily driving. So we put a lot of time in the chassis, using loads of good performance parts and M3 components to achieve our goal.

Even though the Bilstein B16 coilovers can be at the heart of the chassis, GSR ensured any driver could fully exploit their prowess. Since they found it necessary to loosen the back subframe to put the UUC Motorwerks rear sway bar, GSR chose to drop the subframe completely and replace the bushings, upper wishbones and upper guide rods with replacements from the BMW M3. GSR also fabricated a pair of toe-links for the rear to increase geometry adjustability.

In the beginning, they installed a second UUC sway bar with UUC drop links as well as M3 wishbones, uppers bushings and tension struts. We wanted to solidify the chassis to be able to showcase the Bilstein coilovers, Michael explained.

By turning a few laps at Streets of Willow to dial-in the suspensio, 2011 BMW 335i michael essa 09 Photo 5/12

So the springs and dampers were fitted, then a ride height and damper settings were finalized after a brief track test. An individual button was installed in the car, in which the driver uses to select Comfort, Normal or Sport. The base settings were dependant on Bilstein's engineers but the driver is able to study the damper performance in each mode thanks to data screens within the iPhone app, and then change the damping rates using the same app.

The app gives you usage of an array of information that affects the damper performance. You can then adjust them in real-time and save the settings, to be used at your convenience.

Of course, chassis upgrades involve more than just suspension, and Dave's 335i was equipped with Brembo's Gran Turismo braking system that used six-piston calipers up front and four-piston on the rear. These bite onto 345mm and 355mm cross-drilled rotors, respectively, ensuring plenty of stopping power when it's needed.

At each corner are the aforementioned HRE P40SC wheels finished in matte grey and measuring 19x9 at the steering end and 19x10 in the driving end. These were built with 245/35 and 275getting the keys from Michael Essa at SEMA 2013


The engine modifications would give GSR a new set of challenges - how to improve the performance without affecting reliability. The path they took was tested and tried, and helps to ensure everybody was happy.

The new components would include a Juice Box from Burger Tuning to intercept the ECU signals and raise the boost without triggering any check engine lights. It will be assisted by way of a cold-air intake from aFe and a cat-back Magnaflow Touring exhaust to boost the engine note. The latter would receive custom brushed steel tailpipes from GSR to differentiate it from the norm. Most of allin place

It's a genuinely quick car now, enthused Essa. It feels well balanced about the track, although In fact, it needs a limited-slip diff to help it get the power down. It's predictable at the limit and allows you to enjoy yourself, without it becoming a purpose-built racecar. Then you simply press some control and the suspension returns to Comfort for your drive home. It couldn't be a better solution for road and track use.

I was also impressed with just how the car hooks up off of the line and its stability exiting a corner, added Richards. I have an identical car of my own nevertheless it doesn't handle as well as this. Our modifications really paid off.


We knew the vehicle was getting its graphics package so didn't will need to go over the top on the exterior, Michael told us. As a result, they restricted themselves to genuine BMW M Sport bumpers - painted by Bell's Autosport in Huntington Beach, CA - before adding a carbon fiber front splitter and trunk spoiler from JL Motoring.

Accessory specialist Bimmian would be responsible for the important points, adding carbon fiber front grilles and rear diffuser. They would also supply each of the bulbs, including LEDs for the signals, DRLs, license plate and interior. Bimmian would even provide head- and tail light tint film to darken the lenses slightly.

2011 BMW 335i - One Of A Kind Meetse

Which covered the mirror caps - one of the hardest elements of the project because of the curved surfaces, the graphics were applied by GI Design. And GSR would complete the exterior with billet Bilstein badges coming from a company called Billet Badges.

Inside, the dash was laser-etched to learn Exclusively designed for Bilstein, and contains Essa's signature alongside it. There's also a set of pedals from plus a wrapped steering wheel from Stitch Crafters, that also covered the shift and e-brake boots in matching alcantara, all with blue stitching.

Other contributions included Mothers cleaning products, Royal Purple lubricants and oil filter, plus Denso spark plugs.

2011 BMW 335i - Extraordinary Meetse

So, all told, Dave Smit received his BMW 335i bought and tuned for $50,000, as well as tickets to attend the 2013 SEMA automotive show where he would receive his prize from Michael Essa before driving it home to Arizona.

We needed to ask if Dave intended to keep the car or throw it on eBay and he admitted to being not only a BMW fan, but in addition a regular reader of european car magazine. A Sports Utility Vehicle would probably become more useful to the family unit, but I love the car and can't wait to drive it, he enthused. I'm going to drive it around and see the way i get on by using it. I just can't believe I won it. When they called to tell me, I thought they were joking, after which assumed I'd won a suspension kit. It's taken a while for this to sink in that the vehicle is mine!

Clearly delighted with his BMW that cost him little more than the time to get into the Bilstein Sweepstakes, Dave will be the envy of all his friends and most of us. We simply hope he had the best sense to experience the lottery the day he found out he'd won!

2011 BMW 335i - Extraordinary Meets Once In A Lifetime

Tech Spec

2011 BMW 335i

Engine 3.0L N55 straight-six 24v turbo with Burger Tuning Juice Box, aFe cold-air intake, Magnaflow Touring cat-back exhaust with GSR brushed steel tailpipes, Evolution Racewerks Competition Series front-mount intercooler, Synapse Engineering Synchronic blow-off valve, Denso spark plugs, Royal Purple lubricants and oil filter

Drivetrain stock automatic

2011 BMW 335i engine cover 06 Photo 11/12

Brakes Brembo GT six-piston calipers, 355mm drilled rotors f, four-piston, 345mm r

Suspension Bilstein B16 coilovers with IRC Ridecontrol, UUC Moterwerks sway bars and front drop-links, GSR rear toe-links, BMW M3 rear subframe bushings, upper wishbones, upper guide rods, front wishbones, uppers bushings and tension struts

Wheels & Tires 19x9 f, 19x10 r HRE P40SC wheels, finished in matte grey, 245/35 R19 f, 275/30 R19 r Falken FK453 tires

Exterior BMW M Sport bumpers, JL Motoring carbon fiber front splitter and trunk spoiler, Bimmian carbon front grilles, rear diffuser, LED turn signals, DRLs, license plate bulbs, yellow foglight bulbs, tinted headlight and tail light film, GI Design graphics, billet Bilstein badge

Interior alcantara steering wheel, shift boot and e-brake boot with blue stitching, pedals covers, laser-etched dash, Bimmian LED lighting

Thanks,, Burger Tuning, Evolution Racewerks, Advanced Flow Engineering, Magnaflow and Denso Royal Purple,Bilstein and Brembo, UUC Moterwerks, HRE, Falken, JL Motoring, Bimmian, GI Design, Stitch Crafters, Billet Badges, Mothers

In order to keep your family safe around the roads then there are a few steps you can take. Obviously, driving safely is always the 1st priority, keeping within the speed limits and obeying the rules of the road, but the vehicle you choose to drive can also make a big difference.

If you were involved in a car accident what would you rather be traveling in, although car safety can be measured by a variety of factors - active safety systems on the vehicle, passive safety systems, the skill of the driver and much more? Do you rather be in a compact car or possibly a full sized, back off pickup truck such as the RAM 5500? I know what one I’d rather take my chances in.


Trucks are relatively big and heavy and can be vulnerable to rolling in case the driver does not react in the correct way to potentially dangerous situations, but they are also typically much stronger than passenger cars and will provide more protection. Trucks are equipped for crashing their way across all sorts of terrain, getting up close and personal with trees, more, mountains and rocks which makes a scrape using a vehicle like a Fiat 500 or VW Bug simply a minor inconvenience.

Modern trucks are also equipped with many of the safety features which are present on the latest models of car. They’ve all got stability control systems, air bags hiding behind almost every surface and all of the smart braking technology systems you can think of.


Whereas modern passenger cars are designed to crumple and deform so that the occupants are protected, the majority of pickup trucks will just plow on regardless straight through anything which gets in its way. If you happen to see a crash involving a pickup truck and a family passenger car, the chances are how the car are usually in a crumpled heap along the side of the road and also the pickup truck might have just a couple of dings and scratches, okay, so you will find advantages and disadvantages that can be found in the two of these methods but.

Modern pickup trucks make lots of sense as a way of transporting your family around. The majority of them has four doors and can seat five passengers in style and comfort. The interiors of the upper end of your market are every bit as luxurious as a high-end prestige sedan with air conditioner, multimedia settings and plenty of gadgets to keep the operator and their family comfortable and cool.

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Follow the masses, or make my own path, owner John Perez tells me. I feel that brave words such as these require ample substance to back them up. Please elaborate sir. Well I never really saw myself as someone who followed what others did. The trends always looked a similar, so I chosen to cut a new path and explore what I thought could possibly be some untapped potential. Just before that potential could be untapped, something first had to be cracked. As the old saying goes, You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, and as a result of one monstrously fateful crack this JDM EF Honda Civic LX now has all of the proper fixings.from the mid '90s when John carelessly backed into a car and cracked a taillight. After stifling a fluid stream of expletives, John gathered himself and referred to as a supplier in California to source a fresh EF Honda Civic taillight assembly. Luckily' they had the replacement part he necessary for stock. There seemed to be only one stipulation: they were JDM taillights. John had no clue what this meant, all he knew was the retail price was right and he was getting both lamps, so he could have a spare lamp. But when his lamps arrived John noticed that something was amiss. These bloody taillights didn't include the parking light that was included with the USDM model! Also, the amber piece wrapped around the corner of your lens for no apparent reason, thus making it impossible to replace just one side! Just what a pain from the ass. Though with nothing to lose John gave it a try, and what do you know? Once installed, everything bolted up just fine, so John went back to his daily driving duties and forgot about his odd replacement lights. But after some time those little differences John noticed begun to weigh heavy on his mind and it also made him curious. The other options were out there just for this car? What in the seven hells does JDM mean? John's OEM Honda Civic sedan was just as plain as greasy over easy eggs, but suddenly these taillights he had landed were like throwing cheese in the mix. Little did John know, but his life was approximately to change forever. Most guys tend to pick up hobbies likefishing and golf, mountain biking, underwater basket weaving, or the extreme winter sport known as curling. But not John. He became areading this will note the JDM window visors, one-piece headlights, front bumper pole, and also the power folding mirrors. You can also notice the air refiner, a realistic Mugen steering wheel, and a Mugen shifter lying discreetly amongst other highly coveted items. People don't realize the staggering variety of accessories and options that were provided for this vehicle, John tells me. Items like the map light, the Honda personal box, and an under-seat tray are things you just never see on a 1989 Civic sedan. And then there are such things as the glowing rear EF Honda Civic garnish and the glowing Gathers speakers which are only recognizable when the sun sets. But to me the good thing isn't a part in any way. The simple simple fact that everything about this car works exactly the way it should, as if the vehicle's engineers had meant for a Civic to get this finger-licking good in 1989, absolutely thrills me beyond words.

So, let's back things up, and see what was occurring in John's kitchen back into the mid to late 1990's. Well before Fred Durst suddenly realized he was secretly in love with singing George Michael covers, John had come to a realization, although sometime after Kurt Cobain foolishly opted to blow his brains out. Everybody was swapping B16 engines inside their EF's in the past. Looking to buck the trend, John opted to look a different route, and his natural inclination was to make a naturally aspirated D-series motor, the meaty heart of his winning recipe. But John liked having his AC during those long, hot Florida summers, and his power steering made daily driving duties much simpler. So I acquired a 1991 Si motor, trans, and ECU to get a decent price from someone doing a B16 conversion, then took the motor to some shop and had it completely rebuilt from the beginning, John recalls. An ACT clutch here, SRP Pistons and Eagle rods there, a JG301X camshaft paired on top of JG springs, along with some titanium retainers to fill in up top. Then along came an AEM fuel rail along with a matching AEM FPR, accompanied by some porting, some polishing, a bit of blueprinting, and finally some swapping. Out came the DPI D15B2, and enter into the MPFI D16A6. But no sooner had the swap been completed, than all of it went up in smoke. A compact pinhole inside the radiator caused the vehicle to overheat, and down she went, like aNot one to quit, John sold his A6 camshaft plus some other items to recoup repair costs. Once converted to OBD-retuned and 1, the car used to be again running and back on the road. To this particular day you can get these same internals safely incinerating fuel and putting the power to the pavement. John never banked on having the fastest Honda on the market. First of all, just look at this car. It is not a track monster; it really is total VIP in a Mini-Me packaged format. Second of all, John isn't stupid; he knows that there will almost always be a faster car. Lastly, and above all, he knows that fast cars on the street can kill people. The worst thing that could afflict him is that if he backs into another Ford Aerostar while going a blistering 3 mph in the Whole Foods parking lot.

So, what follows is a man who's key focus for the last 2 decades has become finding the rarest JDM and OEM parts scattered across the face of the planet. If you will, a modern treasure hunter. An Indiana Jones of the Honda world. He searches for priceless Honda artifacts and then puts them on for the world to see. I really keep and check out the car period correct while incorporating appropriate modifications where possible, John informs me. With a little patience and time John was able to score some obscure OEM 35XT decals for that doors and trunk. Wonder why John hasn't resprayed his car within the last 12 years? Well there's your answer. John wants more though, How awesome would it be to have the umbrella holder, or the back arm rest? They are the thoughts that keep me up during the night. Gone are the days when you could open up a Honda Access order and Catalog certainly one of everything you find. After 24 years, every one of these items have long since finished their production runs, so when John finds a rare item, he grabs it up. A difficult lesson was learned 2 yrs ago, as he missed his chance at landing a rear bumper pole. For this day he is still beating himself up over that oneWhat inspired John Perez isn't what he sees, but rather what he doesn't see. Something has been missing from the scene, and he wanted to build somethingneat and classic, and completely classy. Rather to obtain something so subtly elegant, that only those who actually knew whatever they were checking out stopped, after which looked even closer, even though goal was never to be the center of attention. But what I find most fascinating though, is just how this whole rant of mine got started from the beginning. Way before everything you see today made its way onto the car. Way before John discovered his fascination with all of the available (and not so available) choices for this car. There was a parking lot incident in the early 1990's that left a man with a busted taillamp, and in desperate need of some replacement parts. And boy has he replaced some parts. Tasteful additions never looked so good.


Attention whores? Look just a little closer and you'll see they're far from trailer queens, though yes, it's true; these colorful Nissan yell for attention on the outside. You're lookin' at two street- and track-driven warriors. Neither is stanced out and they both share similar modifications on the chassis and motor-no crazy engine conversions or forced induction kits but just the right level of mods to boost the car's ability to attack the road course while still keeping the reliability and luxury level for the street. The GT-R and Z may also be reader-built rides, which makes them that much sweeter to showcase inside our annual Nissan issue.

2012 nissan 2009 and GTRtoday to the Nissan GT-R. The R35 is actually a balanced, basically and powerful turnkey track car. It performs leagues past other similarly priced competitors, giving any Godzilla owner the most significant bang with regard to their buck. If you earn more than what we should do here, and while it still has a price point of $100K brand-new, pre-owned R35 are dropping into the $40K-range so there's grounds to get one more than ever-that is! But for people who have the means and can appreciate the GT-R for what it is, they have a vehicle they are able to really take advantage of like Tim Pu from Irvine, Calif. He acquired this '12 model and already knew what to expect. The GT-R is a fast car! he exclaimed. But I also wanted to have that 'wow' factor, too. Furthermore, it had to be a streetable car that served track duties a few times annually. And what better place to modify the autosimply sexy machines coming out of their shop, for example last year's Nissan issue cover car. So with the mission to make Tim's GT-R pop about the street, nothing says take a look at me much better than bright yellow, right? Precisely! There's possibly no color that screams for attention a lot more than the yellow wrap used on this R35. But beneath the vinyl is the reason why this car special-a mash-up of carbon-fiber body parts. The top bumpers, side skirts and hood come from Top Racing-ultra-rare in the GT-R community and all of made of carbon-fiber. Based on the R's Tuning these parts were actually the first Top Racing R35 parts imported into the Usa. The madness didn't stop there with Password JDM fenders, also constructed of carbon-fiber and modified from the R's Tuning to flow. The back fenders are from Wald, while the diffuser is something to admire-a mix of Wald and Difflow pieces-even though the Seibon dry carbon-fiber trunk features a monstrous spoiler from Kognition. It's hard to think that with all these different companies used on the outside, a car would come together nicely. But it definitely makes it one of the more recognizable GT-Rs we've ever come across.

The fly bodywork is only just a piece of this R35's puzzle though. The R's Tuning continued through to develop the right handling package for the car. First, the chassis received a KW sleeve kit designed to do business with the factory struts and mounts, also giving the GT-R a tad sportier ride. New camber arms were also thrown into help align the car with -2.5°-an ideal setup for the car's street and trackextremely hard to fit passengers in the back seat anyways, we approve the custom cage and harness bar by The R’s Tuning.

The twin-turbo V6 already puts down more than enough for any guy like Tim using a factory-rated 530hp and 448 lb-ft of torque, concerning power. But who doesn't like more? Without going overboard, The R's added an MxP downpipe and exhaust, an upgraded fuel pump, HKS Cobb and intake Tuning flash. With some ECU tuning by SP Engineering, the 3.8-liter improved to 545hp and 535 lb-ft.

Even though many might have a look at Tim's spec list and consider it minor, it's carried out with the right purpose. The car breaks necks since it did within the Mackin Industries booth at SEMA just last year. It's also a solid car to spend hours cruising on a long road trip, since the GT-R proved traveling backwards and forwards from Orange County to Las Vegas for SEMA. And lastly, it can dominate on the track as it posted some of the best results and lap times in last year's Optima Challenge. If you ask us, straight up all-star status!

The Porsche 911... It just doesn't get old. But even when it will, its design is timeless; stunning in most its variations. So, each time we see one, we think about vehicular perfection. The Porsche 911 will always be the one, although there are other cars we lust after.

Even though it can be challenging to sift through the submissions we receive or builds we come across, not wanting to disappoint anybody who's poured their heart within their own car, sometimes the decision is easy. Go ahead and take 1978 Porsche 911 SC you see here, for example. This makes us want to sell everything we own simply to park it outside our office. Owner Bill Earon can be awill be the wrong word. Bill's successful in business, which has allowed him to feed his motorsport addiction. He races a 996 Cup Car in the Pirelli Driver's Cup Series at tracks country wide, and placed second in his class last season. Even though he isn't the hands-on wrenching type, Bill means himself as more of a general contractor when it comes to his 911, giving direction and input during its lengthy restoration.

Bill repainted his SC, as is blatantly obvious. But you might not rememberwhen considering out this way! The Cobra seats blend perfectly

Before I bought the Cup Car, my SC was a very competitive racer, he revealed. But after driving an actual racecar, little else could compare, so I chose to turn the SC right into a street car.

As a result, the race-prepped '78 was torn down and, upon its reconstruction, Bill became painfully aware that his beloved P-car needed many parts replaced. After Bell's fixed and replaced so many parts, I eventually decided to replace everything to really make it like-new, he recalled. A great deal for just a paint job!

The original narrow-body fenders remained intact, but the addition of Getty Design's hood, bumpers and deck lid added the racing touch the 911 needed. And as a result of Bell's, the fit and completeSome Fikse FM/10 wheels, finished and staggered in matte black, work perfectly underneath the 911, especially with meaty 275-section Toyo R888 race rubber poking out back.

Upon first glance, you're instantly aware it is a special car. It's not merely another restoration project, and thanks to BBi Autosport around the corner in Huntington Beach, CA, the exhaust fabrication has generated a symphony you want to hear over and over again.

At its heart, the 911 boasts a 270hp 3.2-liter flat-six with 964 cams. It was fully refurbished and isThe truth is, the only orange lick is seen on the big Brembo calipers that keep your car in check.

With a peek inside, it's as minimalist as it was supposed to be. A set of fixed-back Cobra race seats were re-upholstered, along with the headliner and door cards. A dated Momo steering wheel and tall motorsport shifter were the only other accessories it required.

After a year of labor, and itching to get behind the wheel, Bill sat down with Loren Beggs at 911 Design in Montclair, CA. During their conversation, he was persuaded to permit some final touches. Loren removed the motor to re-plate all exposed metal, Bill explained. Additionally, they fine-tuned the look, worked on the tiny details, and polished an already stellar job.

It's funny that what was meant to be a dedicated racecar has transformed into such a fun street car, Bill laughed. People always ask what exactly it is because you can't just purchase a car such as this. It's so special and unique.


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Large, affiliated, dealerships are always the spot to go when you want to buy used. There are lots of sources for used cars but they’re not all the same. You’ll find that when you buy from an individual who has posted a vehicle for sale in a newspaper classified ad or online, that they might not exactly always have the proper information to provide you with. While they might not mean to lead you astray, they don’t always know everything about the condition of their own personal vehicle. In order to make a sale, likewise, many dealers that deal solely in used cars, may under emphasize the value of a problem. Once you buy from a huge dealership, you’re getting the best used vehicle. For instance, if you’re looking for used cars in Los Angeles and you visit Metro Nissan Redlands, you’ll find out that all of the used vehicles they have are cars that were traded in by customers toward new purchases. The dealership has already established them thoroughly tested by their experts in the service department and any necessary repairs were done before it had been every put up for sale, before they can be sold. Cars which are not in high-quality to begin with are not accepted as trades and certainly never sold. You’ll know when you buy a car that you’re getting one in the very best shape entirely possible that a used vehicle.


The rising sun insignia is synonymous with the term JDM. Despite this rising sun Nisshouki flag being withdrawn from use through the Japanese military more than 60 years ago, it has now become popularized with the JDM movement in the mecca of the Honda tuning scene-Los Angeles. While many modern folks in people and Japan of other cultures may shun this imperialistic and ultra-nationalistic symbol, it offers now bizarrely become the emblematic depiction of JDM car tuning around the globe. Despite all of the dreadful stuff that happened in world history, this symbol, adopted within the ancient Edo era, was intended to represent good fortune. The rising sun was first embraced by the USDM Honda enthusiasts, never considering the negativity of public reception since its meaning varies, having many interpretations, and doesn't carry a harmful impression such as the swastika.

2000 honda integra GSi personal controlstermed as a reverse JDM culture or USDM. The American Honda enthusiasts would popularize the Japanese tuning culture and correct up their cars to mimic the JDM style. Whereas today, the Japanese Honda enthusiasts started fixing up their cars to mimic the USDM style that was originally popularized from your JDM style. Confused yet? It basically means that the Japanese are fixing up their cars in exactly the same fashion/style we doowned by Kazuma Urasaki. This Honda Integra GSi was originally in a collision and pending salvage status, thus Urasaki took initiative and revived the Phoenix from being dismantled by Yahoo! Auctions parts whores. Upon closer inspection it defies each of the concepts that this ITR was built upon, even though in a quick glance, this vehicle might resemble an OEM Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R that's been delicately balanced having a naturally aspirated B18C engine and road hugging suspension. In short, it's a rebel machine that flips the bird for the engineers who made the Integra Type R. Every factor of the vehicle overpowers its original design, including engine output, driveline, suspension, styling and aerothis concept is nothing new but this is certainly no ordinary B18C ITR engine... It's actually been internally built exclusively for forced induction including Toda cylinder sleeves, Top Fuel forged pistons and JUN I-Beam connecting rods. Extensive head modifications include JUN camshafts, Toda valves/valvesprings, and JUN head gasket. The entire assembly has been come up with by none other than JUN Machine Shop, with all thebe happy with a factory transmission and pray anxiously that their synchros will hold up when hitting boost, Urasaki went the additional mile and installed a close-ratio tranny by Top Fuel consisting of a 4.785 final gear. The factory limited-slip differential was swapped for a mechanical clutch-type Cusco one-way unit, linked to CR-V axle shafts for added torque adaptability. Every one of the power is translated with an OS Giken twin-plate clutch system, synching with a Toda flywheel after each clutch engagement.

Now, this is where the shop Osaka JDM steps in. Their Engrish motto of Hey! Feel Happy. Enjoy. Smily, Crayzy. Hahahaha! !! Do you have a Honda! ? presents evidence that these Kanjo racers certainly are a bit crazed but denotes dedication in terms of their philosophy of the USDM culture. An Osaka JDM original coilover kit with aggressively high spring rates keeps the DC1 planted well with the rough Kansai highways. JDM ITR lower control arms and sway bar were installed together with Function 7 stabilizer links in the front. For the rear, Function 7 lower control arms with an ASR sway bar were fitted. All alignment settings were performed by Osaka JDM with the aid of their camber control arms. The most crucial modification here that Urasaki abides by is the manual steering rack. While this mod may be a nuisance steering at low speeds, it provides the ideal and most direct road feedback without any mechanical or electronic elements somewhere betweenat the brake calipers, three letters are molded onto the caliper face that reads NSX. Combined with Endless CCX semi-metallic track and street compound, the stopping force is great with this one. Osaka JDM brake lines increase hard braking and enables the experience of that linear brake pedal depression for additional controllability. The top-heavy FF configured chassis really requires emphasis and brake balance for the front only, hence theis really a relatively fresh name in the wheel manufacturer industry, nonetheless they broke in to the Honda scene like a bat out of hell. We are fairly certain that in the near future, Barramundi will be recognized as a brand name that carries a high quality image that's 100% created init needs taking into consideration the great body styling of the Integra. The front side-end is the HID fitted Japanese-spec unit, which in contrast could have been cool if Urasaki made a decision to use the USDM round headlight version instead, in a twisted taboo sense of this reverse JDM theory of course. Since this vehicle is rarely used for remedial low speed cruising or perhaps to be displayed at a car show, no particularly special audio system ended up being installed, only the necessary interior components to adhere to the increased G force and high-rpm velocities. Recaro SR seats using a Personal steering wheel and a K-Tuned shift knob is really all it needs. straight and Simple to the pointThe end result is a machine worthy enough to be of the rising sun insignia-wielding crew of Osaka JDM. It's a new day and age where Japanese decided to copy our Usa version with their car tuning, as the trend inspiration continues in a perpetual circle from both ends of the Pacific. It should be interesting to see what trend becomes popular next and which side will be the first to create it.


Ask any Honda enthusiast worldwide what they think about CR-Z and they will collectively inform you the same thing: This is a hybrid. That's the Honda CR-Z is actually a cool-looking car but the only downside. When Honda first came up with the idea to create the virtual next-generation successor for the famed CR-X, they did so with good intentions. Also wanted the vehicle to be eco friendly, though they wanted a stylish car that resembled the outside design of the 2nd-generation CR-X. The Honda CR-Z was dubbed the sport hybrid coupe, but other than the styling cues, there wasn't a great deal of sport for die-hard enthusiasts to get interested ina higher-horsepower monster however the nimble chassis allowed the automobile to be highly responsive and fun to get. For those who wanted more power, they could swap a B18C ITR motor or any other twin-cam B Series and the car would be a complete blast. The ZF1 chassis has a swap option too in the form of the formidable K Series engine, though switching over isn't quite as simple as it was before. If you did, you risk possibly losing a limb, the CR-Z's original 1.5L hybrid engine has a giant magnet attached and without the proper tools and a whole lot of balls, you weren't going to remove it, and. There are those who have done the swap though, and if you are an avid HT reader, you've likely seen a few of them grace these pages.

Ask any automotive enthusiast around the globe what they think of a K-swapped CR-Z and they will all collectively let you know the same thing: This is the way the Honda CR-Z needs to haveappearing every year Stateside. Once the chassis and engines get a littlecheaper and older, and readily available about the used market, you're very likely to see even more. The idea of having a KR-Z is definitely an intriguing one as the swap itself just needs to be simplified for the less-inclined enthusiast to pursue it. It isn't for lack of effort, even though japan has just begun to tinker with K-swaps lately and you may be wondering why they're so late for the game. Tuning shops and several privateers have done K Series changeovers before so it isn't anything unfamiliar with them. Swaps with K20/K24 motors just aren't common because it isn't remotely affordable for many. The difference between the United States and Japan when it comes to switching engines is that you can't just buy and go an engine to put into your car-you'd have to buy the entire car that comes with it. This is fine if you are just buying an older Honda for a B Series but costs quickly add up if you have to purchase a wrecked JDM FD2 Civic Type R or DC5 Integra Type R. The guys who do choose to move forward are then faced with having to remove the motor-less chassis and pay fees to get rid of a shell. If it isn't an ample amount of a headache, owners of K-swapped cars then have to deal with extremely high vehicle inspection and registration rates to keep these cars on the road. If you live in Japan and acquire a Honda CR-Z, you aren't likely planning to do an engine swap sooner, in short.

2011 honda CRZ nardi steering wheelwe were surprised as you would expect. The famed JDM tuners from FEEL'S Twin Cam had put a motor together especially for a ZF1 chassis that they were using as his or her demo vehicle. They didn't have any apprehension to do the swap because they're a legendary tuning shop with lots of parts and engines available. It just required some assembly and machining to get the engine ready. FEEL'S wasn't bothered with vehicle registration fees because this car would never should be driven about the street. FEEL'S deemed the CR-Z their Time Attack Special. Like most of the world, they too felt that the base vehicle was good in that it's a rigid chassis, quite stylish, but simply lacked the rate factor. The things they created was actually a one-off CR-Z that will undoubtedly force you to forget all about the JDM CR-Z that Honda needs to have built.

In search of more displacement, FEEL'S utilized the block from the larger K24 engine, and capped it with a K20A Type R head. TODA Racing upgrades are plentiful, from the pistons to the cams and complete valvetrain. The head has been ported/polished for better airflow that comes through TODA's individual throttle-body sports injection. Any remnants of your ZF1 as being a hybrid is long gone as fuel delivered by a TODA fuel rail and F20C fuel injectors. The anemic L Series transmission was pulled in favor ofas it is a JDM circuit-specific build, the futuristic factory interior was completely removed to conserve weight. The chassis was then reinforced for structural rigidity in addition to the addition a complete rollcage for safety. FEEL'S coilovers provide optimal damping force while a four-pot APP big brake kit helps slow things down. The entire exterior is adorned in lightweight FEEL'S aero. The wider front and rear fenders allow a wider track to house beefy Hankook rubber wrapped around 18-inch AME Tracers.

Although the language barrier made it somewhat of a challenge for us to understand why FEEL'S chose to create a JDM KR-Z track vehicle, from what a representative told us, they just wished to do the new-generation CR-X justice. The president of FEEL'S also envisions a rise in demand for high-performance hybrids over the following two years. Whether they are true eco-friendly machines or K-swapped monsters like this is left entirely up to the tuner. We're all about being good for the planet but seeing this beast blast through the legendary Tsukuba Circuit at a blistering 1: 01.109 just FEEL'S right.

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Component rationalization has been a godsend for carmakers because it lets them save money by using common components across a large range of models. And for the consumer, there's an advantage to having, let's say, a detuned version of a flagship motor inside your car, particularly when the tune is essentially software based. This could enable the astute aftermarket tuner to extract the missing horsepower learning the mechanical components have a comfortable margin to operate within.

The brand new Audi S6 is a case in point. Its 420hp, 3993cc V8 biturbo motor is currently minimal powerful an affiliate the EA824 engine family that's also installed in the 500hp Bentley GT V8, 520hp Audi S8 and 560hp RS6 Avant.

With this in mind, German tuner Abt Sportsline set out to produce the AS6-R - a car that could bridge the space between the S6 and RS6 Avant, even exceeding the output of the second. And since the RS6 is only offered in Europe and simply as a wagon, US people who own the S6 sedan could possibly get closer to experiencing what the factory hot rod feels like for less moneyon the dyno during our visit. So, taking the AS6-R conversion to 600hp and 553 lb-ft is well within what the tuner regards as sensible limits.

The increase was found with a couple of larger turbochargers and software tuning. The Abt engineers claimed the turbos were modified and that we suspect they could be based on the RS6 units, because the stock S6 turbos couldn't flow enough air. The corresponding software ensured sufficient fuel supply and, though it could have been based upon RS6 maps, there are many differences between the two applications that could have required custom tuning.

We should placed the AS6-R into context since the increased output represents one of the biggest jumps in Abt's tuning history. The truth is, its extra 180hp and 148 lb-ft equates to 42.36 and 9So, where the S6 makes its 420hp available from 5500-6400rpm, the Abt turbos and software develop the full 600hp at 6000rpm. Similarly, the stock 406 lb-ft is delivered across an impressive plateau from 1400-5200rpm, while the AS6-R brings its 553 lb-ft from 2900-5200rpm. In reality, the peakier torque number is irrelevant since the tuned motor is making more twisting force at 1400rpm than stock, so it's stronger throughout the rev range, although its peak numbers are delivered slightly higher.

The AS6-R produced the same 226g/km of CO2 emissions as being the stock Audi S6. That's another interesting statistic. This is certainly partly the consequence of the EU emissions test cycle being carried out at part throttle, but it offers you an idea of the engine's efficiency.

Because of the quattro all-wheel-drive system, there's no problem deploying the enhanced output. The truth is, the stopwatch recorded 3.9sec to the -62mph sprint, which is actually a .8sec improvement over the stock S6. Furthermore, -124mph takes 12.9sec and, with the 155mph speed limiter removed in the AS6-R remap, Vmax is currentlyLarge carbon fiber roof spoiler can be fitted to any A6, but is more useful over a 192mph AS6-R!

The newest rear valance in the stock bumper has cut-outs to get a quartet of three.5 tailpipes that trim the steel exhaust muffler. It offers a deeper, fruitier note when you rev the bent-crank V8 and only hints at the car's complete change of character. With 37 and 40hp lb-ft more than an RS6, the Abt AS6-R is a rocketship, hurling you down the road with g-force inside the lower gears pinning you back into the comfortable factory leather sports seats.

Manufactured using a high quota of aluminium, the S6 is still a sizable, heavy car, tipping the scales at 4398 lb. However, with the body roll reduced by selecting Dynamic Mode, the automobile feels surprisingly agile inside the bends. There are numerous factors just for this, including Audi repositioning the engine and transmission 2.8 further back in the chassis compared to the previous model. It has helped the balance, along with the 40/60% rearward power bias. Beyond that, the optional Audi Sport Differential and torque vectoring function fitted to the car further improved chassis handling and response. In reality, the limit of mechanical grip was far beyond that which was sensible to learn on public roads.

So on fast country roads, the AS6-R will really compress the straights between the bends, meaning you must lean on the brakes pretty hard. Fortunately, Abt had specified the factory ceramic brakes option as part of the AS6-R package, providing impressive staying power when repeatedly used hard.

Simply because of its refinement, the AS6-R is totally at home on the autobahn, where its long legs turn it into a consummate cruiser with comfort levels no different from stock. But pity the junior league supercar that tries to tangle with you, as that huge slug of torque will put significant fresh air between the tail of yourSo unlike many tuner packages, the Abt AS6-R doesn't have the tuner's aftermarket brakes or suspension. It does get the company's latest DR wheels that measure 21x9 all round with 265/30 Continental rubber, however.

The big wheels complement the fairly subtle carbon fiber cosmetic additions, that include frames around the front bumper intakes, trim pieces about the factory side skirts, mirror caps and a large rooftop spoiler. The Abt rear valance and vents in the front fenders are produced from injection-molded plastic.

The Abt AS6-R is surely an interesting package because it is able to eclipse the factory RS6 in terms of horsepower using software and turbo upgrades. Sold as being a complete car in Europe, we were able to confirm with Abt America that US customers can also add any of these components to an existing Audi S6. So, if you want to humble some sports vehicle owners, contact them via