2014 Audi AS6 – Abt Sportsline AS6-R – S6 Express


Component rationalization has been a godsend for carmakers because it lets them save money by using common components across a large range of models. And for the consumer, there's an advantage to having, let's say, a detuned version of a flagship motor inside your car, particularly when the tune is essentially software based. This could enable the astute aftermarket tuner to extract the missing horsepower learning the mechanical components have a comfortable margin to operate within.

The brand new Audi S6 is a case in point. Its 420hp, 3993cc V8 biturbo motor is currently minimal powerful an affiliate the EA824 engine family that's also installed in the 500hp Bentley GT V8, 520hp Audi S8 and 560hp RS6 Avant.

With this in mind, German tuner Abt Sportsline set out to produce the AS6-R - a car that could bridge the space between the S6 and RS6 Avant, even exceeding the output of the second. And since the RS6 is only offered in Europe and simply as a wagon, US people who own the S6 sedan could possibly get closer to experiencing what the factory hot rod feels like for less moneyon the dyno during our visit. So, taking the AS6-R conversion to 600hp and 553 lb-ft is well within what the tuner regards as sensible limits.

The increase was found with a couple of larger turbochargers and software tuning. The Abt engineers claimed the turbos were modified and that we suspect they could be based on the RS6 units, because the stock S6 turbos couldn't flow enough air. The corresponding software ensured sufficient fuel supply and, though it could have been based upon RS6 maps, there are many differences between the two applications that could have required custom tuning.

We should placed the AS6-R into context since the increased output represents one of the biggest jumps in Abt's tuning history. The truth is, its extra 180hp and 148 lb-ft equates to 42.36 and 9So, where the S6 makes its 420hp available from 5500-6400rpm, the Abt turbos and software develop the full 600hp at 6000rpm. Similarly, the stock 406 lb-ft is delivered across an impressive plateau from 1400-5200rpm, while the AS6-R brings its 553 lb-ft from 2900-5200rpm. In reality, the peakier torque number is irrelevant since the tuned motor is making more twisting force at 1400rpm than stock, so it's stronger throughout the rev range, although its peak numbers are delivered slightly higher.

The AS6-R produced the same 226g/km of CO2 emissions as being the stock Audi S6. That's another interesting statistic. This is certainly partly the consequence of the EU emissions test cycle being carried out at part throttle, but it offers you an idea of the engine's efficiency.

Because of the quattro all-wheel-drive system, there's no problem deploying the enhanced output. The truth is, the stopwatch recorded 3.9sec to the -62mph sprint, which is actually a .8sec improvement over the stock S6. Furthermore, -124mph takes 12.9sec and, with the 155mph speed limiter removed in the AS6-R remap, Vmax is currentlyLarge carbon fiber roof spoiler can be fitted to any A6, but is more useful over a 192mph AS6-R!

The newest rear valance in the stock bumper has cut-outs to get a quartet of three.5 tailpipes that trim the steel exhaust muffler. It offers a deeper, fruitier note when you rev the bent-crank V8 and only hints at the car's complete change of character. With 37 and 40hp lb-ft more than an RS6, the Abt AS6-R is a rocketship, hurling you down the road with g-force inside the lower gears pinning you back into the comfortable factory leather sports seats.

Manufactured using a high quota of aluminium, the S6 is still a sizable, heavy car, tipping the scales at 4398 lb. However, with the body roll reduced by selecting Dynamic Mode, the automobile feels surprisingly agile inside the bends. There are numerous factors just for this, including Audi repositioning the engine and transmission 2.8 further back in the chassis compared to the previous model. It has helped the balance, along with the 40/60% rearward power bias. Beyond that, the optional Audi Sport Differential and torque vectoring function fitted to the car further improved chassis handling and response. In reality, the limit of mechanical grip was far beyond that which was sensible to learn on public roads.

So on fast country roads, the AS6-R will really compress the straights between the bends, meaning you must lean on the brakes pretty hard. Fortunately, Abt had specified the factory ceramic brakes option as part of the AS6-R package, providing impressive staying power when repeatedly used hard.

Simply because of its refinement, the AS6-R is totally at home on the autobahn, where its long legs turn it into a consummate cruiser with comfort levels no different from stock. But pity the junior league supercar that tries to tangle with you, as that huge slug of torque will put significant fresh air between the tail of yourSo unlike many tuner packages, the Abt AS6-R doesn't have the tuner's aftermarket brakes or suspension. It does get the company's latest DR wheels that measure 21x9 all round with 265/30 Continental rubber, however.

The big wheels complement the fairly subtle carbon fiber cosmetic additions, that include frames around the front bumper intakes, trim pieces about the factory side skirts, mirror caps and a large rooftop spoiler. The Abt rear valance and vents in the front fenders are produced from injection-molded plastic.

The Abt AS6-R is surely an interesting package because it is able to eclipse the factory RS6 in terms of horsepower using software and turbo upgrades. Sold as being a complete car in Europe, we were able to confirm with Abt America that US customers can also add any of these components to an existing Audi S6. So, if you want to humble some sports vehicle owners, contact them via abtamerica.com.